The Sensations of the  Singing Voice


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Welcome to "Sensations of the Singing Voice."  A web-site  dedicated to the attainment of truth concerning the voice in all its glory.

We will discuss pain and progress,  building and breaking, tears and laughter and all the facets that make the voice what it is.

Each month there will be at least one new video to help you through the growth of your voice.  We hope to cover every topic that you can possibly imagine but not to make things too complicated (even though it is sometimes thought as a mystery)....but like all mysteries we are going to investigate until we get the answer..............whatever that is?

You can also sign up to the Facebook group The Sensations of the Singing Voice and use it as a forum to discuss problems and fun things to do with the voice.

50% of all the net proceeds raised from this site will go to Canteen - a New Zealand not-for-profit organization supporting young people between the ages of  13 - 24 who have been touched by Cancer.

​​Although the videos are free to view please make a donation help others as a

Below is a video regarding my work with students ​​and as a promotion of workshops that I offer within New Zealand




​​​Navigate around the site. And you will see there are many things here to help you.

Bear with us as we build the site to what it should be and thank you for participating in its growth.

Keep vocalizing 


​ps. If you simply want a singing lesson then click here. leave your detail, including phone number or Skype name or contact email and someone will either email you or phone you within the next 24 hours to set up a lesson time or help you in some other way with your request.

In donating to this site you help to keep it free for all to use and 50% of the funds raised go to Canteen -
​a New Zealand not-for-profit organization 
supporting young people with caner.​
Over the past three years we have donated $1390nz ​to the Jose Carreras
foundation for Leukemia. Thank you for all your support - please continue by watching and sharing this site with others.